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Scottish Widows Mortgages

I’m at the end of my deal with Scottish Widows. What now?

Scottish Widows mortgages are only available through mortgage intermediaries and other professionals working on behalf of mortgage clients.

The good news is that we can arrange a Scottish Widows Product Transfer for you swiftly, easily, and usually free of charge.

Products on offer include:-

  • Professional Mortgages,
  • Standard Residential Mortgages &
  • Offset Mortgages

I need to make other changes to my mortgage as well. Can I do so?

Yes, we can look at this for you alongside arranging a new deal for you and advise you on the best course of action for your individual circumstances.

Some changes may need to be made with Scottish Widows directly, and should this be the case we can direct you accordingly.

I’ve heard there may be better rates available with other providers. Can I change lender?

Absolutely. As part of our review, we will assess the products available to you from our panel of lenders, and should there be a product available with another lender that better suits your needs we will discuss this with you.

Changing your lender will require a new mortgage application to be completed, and both yourself and the property will need to meet the new lender’s criteria for your application to be considered. We will only advise this course of action if it is beneficial for you to do so.

How much does will it cost me?

For a Mortgage Product Transfer, where your mortgage is like for like in balance and mortgage term, with no added complexity, there will be £0 fee charged.

For complex transactions, such as capital raising, debt consolidation or amendments to your mortgage term or balance a fee may be charged of up to 2% of the mortgage balance. A typical fee is 0.3%.

The fee is payable on completion.